Ways To Satisfy Your Marketing Needs Through WiFi

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WiFi marketing is an effective way to optimize your marketing toward customers by communicating messages to potential customers and users nearby.

In today’s connected world, free WiFi is a must, and customers are always looking for ways to get connected immediately. Including content offers, product information, and other collateral prior to customers accessing your WiFi hotspots is an excellent opportunity to implement a targeted marketing campaign.


WiFi marketing offers several benefits to your marketing department:

  1. You meet your customers where they are through geographic segmentation. When potential customers are in close proximity to your business they’ll access your content and product information before connecting to the hotspot, extending engagement with your brand.
  2. Custom landing pages will let you target customers with offers immediately, encouraging them to learn more about your business offerings and share their information in order to access the internet.
  3. You’ll delight customers and give them a reason to spend more time with your business. It’s important to offer something to customers first so that they feel more inclined to reciprocate by becoming patrons of your business.
  4. Receive contact information from potential customers. Knowing who you can target with email campaigns, social media ads, and other content offers you create is incredibly valuable in today’s business world. Using WiFi as a marketing tool to get your potential customers’ contact information lets you build a connection and turn them into leads for future sales.

Contact us for more on how to maximize your benefits from WiFi marketing. We’re dedicated to satisfying your guests and your marketing needs through WiFi hotspots.

Free World Wifi

Free World Wifi

Free World Wifi has made it easy for you to leverage your guest WiFi and turn it into a revenue-driving marketing machine. Our WiFi marketing automation platform allows you to display relevant ads, coupons, or information about your business that they will definitely see. You can even encourage them to like and follow you on social media, as well as collect their email address and other details that you can use at a later time to contact them. You also have many options to customize how you advertise to your guests. Drop us an line and we'll show you how we can help your business!

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