Public Service

Providing free secure wifi connections in communities around the world is our mission. We believe it is important to give back to our Community

[subtitle2]Special Benefits Available for Charity, Non-Profit, and Public Service Organizations[/subtitle2]

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[li-row]Free Wi-Fi Equipment Program – For every 10 Host Packages purchased in your community, we will provide one free Host Package to a local facility that serves economically disadvantaged members of your community. Find Out More

[li-row]Advertise Your Special Event – Groups holding events where a portion of the proceeds go to charity or beneficial purposes receive 30% off Advertiser Packages (COUPON CODE SPEC30). Get Started

[li-row]Promote Your Charity FREE! – Non-profit groups, events and organizations may receive free banner advertisements on a local network. Get Started

[li-row]Create a Wi-Fi Network for Your Festival – Groups holding festivals where a portion of the proceeds go to charity – we can create an event landing page and offer Host Packages as part of your sponsorship campaign, bringing value-added incentives to potential sponsors and increasing sponsor revenue. Find Out More[/list-ul]