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User FAQ


As a host location, we collect your email address to inform you if the Free World Wifi router is not responding to our servers. We may also send you hints and tips to improving your marketing strategy on Free World Wifi (You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time).


We do not collect any of your personally identifiable information. Because we don’t have your information; we can’t spam you. We want you to have a simple, enjoyable experience, not be forced to log in with social media, your email address or other trackable information.

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There is no cost involved to use Free World Wifi. Just like the name says, using Free World Wifi is just that; FREE. There is no cost to you to connect and use any of our wifi networks. Our service is supported by our host hotspots and advertisers – we ask that you patronize them as a way to thank them for providing you with such a valuable free service.

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Notice that when you log in you never have to: Log in with social media, give up your email address or other personally identifiable information,

Free World Wifi does not track or collect your personally identifiable information. We record your device MAC address in order to facilitate your connection to Free World Wifi. After 24 hours your MAC address is automatically purged from our system.

You do not have to create an account to use Free World Wifi.

You do not have to use a credit card to use Free World Wifi.

Your email address and other personally identifiable information is never collected by Free World Wifi. You should continue to protect your personally identifiable information by not providing it to any website or requester that you do not know or trust.

We do not collect information about the sites you visit. Visiting financial websites or other high security websites is safe to do on our network.

Our commercial grade routers also isolate your device from being seen by other users. This includes, mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets and even credit card machines and Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Please review our Privacy and Terms page for an in-depth explanation.

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We now offer Free World Wifi installation in private homes, neighborhoods, and condominium buildings. Contact us to discuss the possibility of turning your home, home owners association, or neighborhood group into a wifi hotspot!

You must have an existing Internet connection.

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Our wifi hotspot locations are conveniently located to help keep you connected. Visit our Locations page to find the closest wifi hotspot to you.

The most common types of businesses to find Free World Wifi hotspot locations include, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Want your favorite bar, cafe, restaurant or any other type of business to offer free wifi? Tell them about Free World Wifi so that they can become a free wifi hotspot today!

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No password is required to use Free World Wifi. You simply accept our Terms and Conditions of Use by clicking “Login” and then view our sponsor ads before selecting an ad or information icon to continue to the internet!

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Free World Wifi uses routers that are encrypted devices that isolate your connection from other users and from the host hotspot sponsor itself! In most cases our routers are safer and more secure than your own router at home!

You should always look for wifi hotspots that offer “secure” connections. If you can see other devices on the network while you are connected, then that is not a secure connection.

If you experience a connection that says “Free World Wifi” and your connection is not secure, please let us know immediately!

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