If your business is an Airbnb, VRBO,, Boutique Hotel, our Airbnb Packages are a cost-effective way to deliver secure Wi-Fi to your guests with reliable service and worry-free security.


Many hosts have run into problems with guests over-using wifi and worse – downloading illegal content. Free World Wifi allows you, the host, to control all aspects of your Wifi. Speed, amount of data, restricted websites, passwords, access times and more and do so remotely from anywhere in the world. It’s super easy to install (plug & play). You can even set up a voucher system if you want to have guests pay for extra speed (a nice extra revenue stream). 




Customized System Settings – Free, Paid, or Voucher Systems…Or a combination. You or your staff can remotely manage access times, download speeds and block unwanted users. 


Your Branded Splash Page – “House Rules” and local information can be listed on your custom landing page and you maintain brand identity.


Secure Wireless Network – Isolate your guest users from your personal internet & computers, POS and CC devices – PCI DSS compliant security built-in.


Block Malicious Users – Our software facilitates blocking users who violate ISP use restrictions.


Prevent internet Squatters and large file downloads – System manages user traffic by setting time and bandwidth use limits.


Control or change guest passwords whenever you want – You can remotely change passwords and have a new password for each new guest if you like. Our software also allows for secure no-password login. 


Add a new revenue stream to your Airbnb – Free World Wifi can be configured so you can offer different levels of Wifi service. Charging for different internet speeds or download files sizes, can be a significant additional revenue stream for your business. The Free World Wifi system allows your guest to instantly pay for these services directly to your PayPal account with no additional equipment.


Increase Employee/Host Productivity – No more interruptions in work to provide passwords to users.


Increase Speed and Performance – Inactive user MAC addresses purged every 24 hours prevents system slowdown or shutdown!


No Expensive Internet Contracts – Our system works with your own existing internet service provider – now new contracts.