Advertise on our network of Secure Wifi Hotspots

  • One-Year Contract – Single annual payment per network!
  • Geotargeted Advertising – Advertise to real customers in your neighborhood!
  • Track Ad Performance – Update or change creatives as often as you want!
  • Promote Special Offers or Sales – Schedule ads to run by day/time
  • Grow Your Business – Increase traffic to your website or social media page
  • 320×100 pixel banner ad size – Optimized for mobile users
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed*
  • Monthly Subscription Options (12-month minimum subscription)

    Subscription Packages

  • Or Pay in Full on the Networks you Choose! (see below)



United States Wifi Advertising

California Wifi Networks

Includes: Chico, Guerneville, and San Francisco locations 

New York & New Jersey Wifi Networks

Includes: Asbury Park, NJ and New York, NY locations

Nevada Wifi Networks

Includes: Gardnerville locations

Texas Wifi Networks

Includes: Dallas locations



Mexico Wifi Advertising

Jalisco Wifi Networks

Includes: Puerto Vallarta, Malecon, Old Town, and Zona Romantica locations

Nayarit Wifi Networks

Includes: Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita and San Pancho locations



Europe Wifi Advertising

Spain Wifi Networks

Includes: Santa Barbara, Tarragona locations

Advertiser FAQ

All banner ads must be 320×100 pixels (mobile banner size)

 Design: We have some very simple stock banner ads available for your use. But we always recommend professionally designed banner advertisements that have a clear “call to action” message (discounts, specials, affinity programs, etc). The key to a successful internet advertising campaign is engagement with your customer – ask them for their business in your ad. Make your ad stand out!

 Size: The banner size for both hosts and advertisers is 320×100 pixels in a .jpg, .gif (animated or non-animated), or .png file format.

 Link: Your advertisement can link anywhere you’d like it to go. Most businesses prefer their banners to link directly to their website, but some prefer linking to social media, a listing on a business directory website (especially if a business does not have its own website).

 Perks: There are many advantages to advertising on Free World Wifi, such as:

Advertising Package banners receive 3 times as many impressions as the Host Package (purchase both to maximize your benefits).

Run one or more banner ads at the same time.

Add, change or update banner ads as often as you need or want.

Run banner ads only on certain days (optional).

Review banner statistics to understand which ads are performing best.

Link banner ads to your website, social media, app download, click-to-call or any other URL.


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There are many benefits of becoming a Free World Wifi advertiser. People want and need to stay connect to the Internet as new and better technology becomes more readily available. When you advertise on Free World Wifi, you reach all of those consumers who use public wifi hotspots – meaning they are already shoppers, diners, travelers, and tech-savvy consumers.

Advertising on Free World Wifi is a cost effective solution to get your business noticed. Here are some reasons:

Audience: Your potential customers are using our free wifi hotspots, and you can advertise to them on that hotspot.

Geo-Target: Choose the city, state or country your ads appear in.

Relevant: Keep your message current, timely and relevant by managing the banners that appear during your ad contract with Free World Wifi. Unlike print media advertising, your message can change as often as necessary.

Multiple Messages: You can publish several different creatives in just one ad slot – so you can communicate mreo than one message for one low price!

Reports: Using your own login to our ad system, you can see reports that demonstrate just how effective your ads are.

Affordable: Our advertising rates are inexpensive and effective – reaching potential customers that are already shoppers, diners, travelers, and tech-savvy consumers

Web Traffic: By linking your ad(s) to your company’s links, you can increase user traffic to your website, Facebook or any other site of your choice.

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Hotspot Hosts:  As a host, your banner ad is rotated at each of the other hotspot locations on your host network. Typically a network is made up of all of the Free World Wifi hotspots in a city.

Advertising Businesses and Organizations: Users at Free World Wifi hotspot locations must view banner ads from our advertisers before being granted access to the internet. This means that when a user clicks on your ad to access the internet, the first page they land on will be yours!


There are four randomly rotated banner ads each time a person logs into Free World Wifi. The top three banner slots are reserved for our advertisers, and the bottom banner slot is reserved for our host locations.


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Choose the countries that you would like to advertise in by clicking on the text under each flag.

Click on the “Add to Cart” button under each city to place the product in your cart. If you would like to buy a Hot Package you can navigate to the Host Page, and your Advertising Packages will remain in your cart. Click “Checkout with PayPal”.

To finalize your purchase, after you click “Checkout with PayPal”, you will be brought to the PayPal website where you will pay for the product. After paying you will be redirected back to Free World Wifi. Here you will enter all of your business and banner information, as well as upload your banner ads.

If you need any additional help or want to talk to a sales representative before purchasing, visit our Contact Us page.

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Google AdSense charges you a “bid” price to display your ad to users based on content they search for.  You pay for the impression, whether or not the user has any interest in your ad at all – even worse, many of these “users” are really robots or spiders who aren’t real people at all!

On Free World Wifi, you pay a flat rate per year and your banner ads are displayed to users who are in the areas you want to focus on!  These are much stronger impressions, and our click through rates (CTR) are often double or triple AdSense click-throughs! This is all due to target relevant advertising.

Let the numbers speak for themselves…we’ll show you our results at your request.

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By advertising on Free World Wifi, your banner ad will appear in rotation on our advertising page when a user logs into Free World Wifi. Users have to view four banner ads on a single page before gaining access to the Internet.

Answer these questions to determine where you should advertise:

Customers: Where do your potential customers come from? A restaurant might want to advertise only in the city it is located in, where as a hotel might want to advertise in other cities.

Goals: What am I looking to accomplish by advertising? Do you want to draw customers into your business? Are you just looking to drive website traffic? Do you want to inform people about upcoming events? Do you just want more social media followers?

Audience: Who are your customers/clients? What type of people are you looking to attract to your business.

Now that you have these answered these questions, you should have an understanding of which regions to choose to advertise in.

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Hosts: An agreement/contract is required. This includes use of the equipment at your location for as long as you want to keep the device, and advertising on the network for as long as you maintain the device. The amount is prepaid and covers the cost of: the wireless router equipment, your business’s banner advertisement, and signage.

Advertisers: A one year agreement/contract is required. The service includes one year banner ad placement on the network(s) of your choice and is renewable each year. You may update, change or remove your banner advertisements during the contract period, you may also choose to run more than one banner at a time. Changes to your creatives are included at no added cost.

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Hosts: We don’t provide user usage statistics for each host locations, but you will be given the ability to log into our ad server system to view reports on how your banner ads are performing, including total number of impressions, banner clicks and your click through rate (CTR).

Advertisers: You will be given the ability to log into our ad server system to view reports on how your banner ads are performing, including total number of impressions, banner clicks and your click through rate (CTR).

Analytics: If you use any analytic tools such as Google Analytics to track your website traffic you should see incoming links from Free World Wifi campaigns set up for each of your banner advertisements.

Statistics: Free World Wifi uses Google Double Click for Publisher to help track your banner statistics. Using your same login as Google Analytics, you can track exactly how well your banner ads are performing.

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*If you do not receive a minimum 2.00% click-through-rate (CTR) with an approved call-to-action banner in the first two months of the contract period, we will extend your contract for an extra three months at no additional cost. Special terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more details.
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