Ways To Satisfy Your Marketing Needs Through WiFi

WiFi marketing is an effective way to optimize your marketing toward customers by communicating messages to potential customers and users nearby.

In today’s connected world, free WiFi is a must, and customers are always looking for ways to get connected immediately. Including content offers, product information, and other collateral prior to customers accessing your WiFi hotspots is an excellent opportunity to implement a targeted marketing campaign.


WiFi marketing offers several benefits to your marketing department:

  1. You meet your customers where they are through geographic segmentation. When potential customers are in close proximity to your business they’ll access your content and product information before connecting to the hotspot, extending engagement with your brand.
  2. Custom landing pages will let you target customers with offers immediately, encouraging them to learn more about your business offerings and share their information in order to access the internet.
  3. You’ll delight customers and give them a reason to spend more time with your business. It’s important to offer something to customers first so that they feel more inclined to reciprocate by becoming patrons of your business.
  4. Receive contact information from potential customers. Knowing who you can target with email campaigns, social media ads, and other content offers you create is incredibly valuable in today’s business world. Using WiFi as a marketing tool to get your potential customers’ contact information lets you build a connection and turn them into leads for future sales.

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How To Incentivize Your WiFi Hotspot In Four Steps

Once you’ve decided to invest in a wi-fi hotspot for your business, one of the many things you will need to consider as you set it up is how to get your customers to use it once it is ready to go. Here are a few simple ideas to help incentivize your WiFi hotspot and make it more useful for you and your customers.


Locate your network where customers are going to be

Ideally, your shop is in a visible, public spot people walk by anyway. You’ll find people head for shopping malls and retail stores in their off-time, so setting it up near the front of your shop is a good idea. An even better idea is creating a comfortable area for people to sit and use your network, especially if they are there with someone else who is shopping.


Make your network visible

People will not use what they do not know is there. Put signs up in your windows to let your customers know you have a hotspot. Placing signs in public areas around your shop will let them know before they come in, and maybe earn you a few customers who might have passed you by for another shop otherwise.


Make sure the signal is strong

Just like people will not use what they do not is there, they will not use a network that has a weak signal or other problems that could make it unreliable. Make use of stumbling and surveying tools to check out the strength of your signal at every possible location within your shop. Customers will appreciate being able to use the network no matter where they are inside the store.


Make it easy to connect

No one wants to go through a long and complicated authentication process just to access the WiFi for the time they will be spending in your shop. A basic login allows your customers to get online quickly without the fuss of a giant form to fill out. If you’re looking for a way to collect demographic information with your network at the same time, consider a social login. Either way, your customers will have easy access to your network, and monitoring their access will be much easier for you. It will also be easier to gather the data you need to help improve your current sales and marketing strategies.


Once your hotspots are being utilized, what’s the next step? You are providing an amenity for people near your business, but what is the return for you? With a Social WiFi solution, you can generate an additional value through your WiFi service by capturing user information, targeting, and marketing your business to those you who have connected to your hotspot. Creating your own base and marketing to them is a surefire way to garner additional interest and transform connections into customers.


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